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Subtle lingerie, discretion sensual encounters
Region: Victoria
City: Sunbury
Category: Asian
Age: 30
Services: Domination,   Domination
Service / Duration
Tantra touch
Foot fetish
Therapeutic touch
Intimacy Exploration
Cuddle Therapy
Nuru massage
Tie and tease spanking sessions
Kisses and cuddles
Hot oil massage

Subtle lingerie, discretion sensual encounters. All about you. Experience the perfection of pleasure. Would you love a sweet, soft woman slowly undressing as she strokes, massages, and teases you? A woman who takes her time with you and gives you what you’re there for? I think you do. Hi! I’m Janika, an open-minded, sensual American student with a love of the finer things in life. I love my work and can’t imagine doing anything else. I enjoy giving my clients an unforgettable experience and make their fantasies come true. I hope you’ll let me know what those fantasies are and let me fulfil them. I’m 30 years old, have platinum blonde hair, large brown eyes, and full pouty lips. I am a perfect DD, and athletic curves in all the places you’ll love to touch. I have a regularly maintained Brazilian wax and always have perfectly manicured nails. I love looking pretty for my clients. Some of my favourite things: -Tantra touch -Foot fetish -Therapeutic touch -Intimacy Exploration -Cuddle Therapy -Nuru massage -Tie and tease spanking sessions -Kisses and cuddles -Hot oil massage