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Daniela Towne

Professional Hedonist/British Student. Discerning Gentleman Genuine profile
City: Bega
Category: Female
Service / Duration
1 Hour tantalizing quickie 1 Hour
Two hours 2 hours
Overnight 12 hours

Well hello, I imagine that you and I are a lot alike. We both work hard in life, focusing first on pursuing an education and then building a successful career, often at the expense of our personal lives. We both long for intimate and passionate connections without the commitment and frustrations of a traditional relationship. Perhaps you feel unsatisfied or like something is 'missing' from your life despite your many successes. Or maybe you are just bored and looking for some fun… Our time together is all about you, and I will always tailor our encounter to fulfill your specific needs. You work hard, and you need some time to unwind, relax and experience the moment, with sensuality and depth. Maybe you’re looking to explore new or uncharted erotic desires. Most definitely, you have good taste. Right now, you’re craving the company of a beautiful and intelligent woman without any strings attached. That’s what I like too: the genuine sensual connection that can happen without any ties or responsibility.