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Oh hi there :)

... Whats a nice girl like me doing hanging round a place like this? Well truth be told I may look all sweet and innocent, but we all know how deceiving looks can be. I dont know everything about life but I definitely know what I like. I like boys … and men. I love to be desired. I like your hungry eyes on me. Ive always liked it.

In my bikini at the beach. Out on the town with my friends. Even back in the day in my school uniform on the bus …

I love to tease and flirt and I definitely show a bit more skin than other women think is appropriate, But Im not other women, and Im not just a tease. You see... I dont just enjoy being admired from a distance.

If you follow me a little too closely you might sense me slow down to bring you closer...
If you stare down my dress or up my skirt you might sense me lean forward, or spread my legs a little. ..
If you gently brush against me in the supermarket aisle, you might feel me press back.

And if I reach down and touch your hand, its because I want it on my body. I want to guide you into my secret places. I want you to bend me to your pleasure ... I can picture you staring down at my cute little ass while you take me from behind … and I like it.

Let’s share. I want to show you mine, and I want you to show me yours. I may have lived a bit and learned a bit, but Im not done learning about sex and pleasure and what drives men crazy.

Call or text me on 0427 517 284.

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