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How long do you reckon you can last? How many times can I bring you to the brink without letting you go over? You say you want to hand over control, but this is your orgasm were talking about. High stakes. Can you really bring yourself to give that all to me?

I am a passionate edger. If youve never heard of edging, look it up. You can probably guess, though. Words cant quite describe the sheer glee that I get from slowly working my way into sync with your erotic response. Youll see it on my face, though, and youll feel it in the way I take control of your arousal as though it were my own. In fact, maybe it is my own.

Maybe Ill have you strapped to a table or a chair, immobilized, with nowhere to go and no way to move away from my well-attuned hands or my wet, hungry mouth. Maybe youll be blindfolded with your hands behind your back, not quite sure where I might be in the room or when I may choose to escalate your arousal yet again. Maybe youre so wonderfully good at self-control that I wont have to bind you at all, and the only way to keep from coming is to trust me entirely not to let you...until I want to. If I want to.

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