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Friendly Aussie Lady
Region: Queensland
City: Cairns
Category: Female
Service / Duration

Wednesday 8th February to Sunday 12th February
9am to 8pm
Please call if you would like further information
What is your Pleasure?
Soothing Sensuality, Teasing Titillation or a Wild Romp. Would like to RECEIVE something Wicked" eg -
Sensation Play, Tickling, Prostrate Services. CBT, Impact Play,GS, Electro Play or Light Restraints.....Perhaps you would like to play Dress Ups. Or would you like a companion for an upcoming Dinner or Event. How about some Exotic Relaxation or a Reiki Session.
Please call for any information you need about my Wicked Services.

Please Note All Wicked Services Will Incur Extra Charges.
Requests For Natural or Greek Will Be Refused.
I am friendly and down to earth. I have lived a full and varied life.
I am easy to have a chat with and have a good sense of humour.
A country girl at heart. I am fit and flexible.
Mild to Wild. I have a playful devilish side.