A list of erotic stories. A collabration of requests from the vanilla to the taboo. True stories from punters and escorts. Do tell me more....remain anonymous and tell your stories, the weird and wonderful, blogs and more..
I go to escorts to be tied up and spanked with a piece of dowel. I am married but my wife does not understand my secret fetish. I liked to be spanked to leave marks and find them hard to hide but do my best as it excites me when I see my marks and keeps me going for weeks.
When visiting Sydney Australia be sure to see this woman
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Escort from Brisbane
I have many unusual requests, not sure why, never really worked out if other girls do but I certainly get my fair share off different clients that i see.
*Asian man who likes to walk around wearing my high heel shoes
*An old grey haired man who loves to sit naked with me in joggers and for me to slap his face
*Cross-dresser who wanted me to help dress him up and help with makeup and fingernails
Just a few of many
August 09
Answered many emails.
Had an email from a regular wanting to meet next week for a booking with my girlfriend and I in bikinis brrr not quite summer.

J x
Had a wonderful evening last night with a fantastic regular client of mine who booked me for the night. We drank we smoked ourselves silly. The highlight of the night was when we decided to invite a friend over to play and then go out to a strip club. I actually thought they didnt really like each other as the bickering was terrible but alas it must have been built up frustration as when seated with my moet in the club, was asked to remove myself from the club. Yes the new friends were getting themselves more acquainted in the toilets and got caught and kicked out. I was their associate apparently and never got to finish my lovely champagne!
1st blog
Wed 5th August
Had a guy call up who wanted to meet me when i visited melbourne said he was around the corner, wow thinks i just jump to attention, lucky i wasnt far away for a quickie.
Had a guy who wanted me to wearing stockings laying on the bed with the door open whilst playing with myself and no talking, its a full moon and the weirds are out today.
7pm - asian man who wanted hot pink toenail polish and a foot job.
Yep what a day.
Escort from Sydney
An email I received earlier..I was just woundering if i could buy your scented panties. If possible, could they be satin panties. If this is ok with you, how much would it cost?
hope to hear from you soon,
Escort Sydney City
Escort from Brisbane
cmon! its a recesssion!!!

drop ur prices!!
I received this email and am offended as Im not a used car and hey Im not feeling the recession.
Brisbanes finest Escort
Punter from Brisbane
Something a little unusual:
I saw your profile online and think you're stunning. I have an unusual request i was hoping you could help me out with.

I have a crushing fetish (i'm very submissive) and am looking for an escort willing to tie me up and drive all over my body with a 4x4. I know it sounds very extreme, so i am willing to pay a lot of money for this and do the session totally on your terms.
Brisbane City Escort

Punter from Canberra
Best sex I've ever had!
Escort from Sydney
Banana Smoothie Anyone

This story is for all you punters out there that like to shove your ladies head down on your cock while she is giving you head. We don't mind a bit of gentle pressure to guide us along, but when we are attempting to deep throat and you are holding our head hard down on your cock you may just find you get more than you bargaining for! Consider this...

I received a phone call to the gentleman's hotel, not long after consuming a tall banana smoothie. This particular gentleman was very fond of oral, as it happens I do like to give oral and I am told I am very good at this too...So it was all on, I had him deep in my throat and he was fucking my mouth with all his might, which was all good and fine until he roughly grabbed my head in an attempt to get this cock even further down my throat, he had such a tight hold on my head I couldn't pull back and without any warning, not even a gag I vomited the banana smoothie up all over this cock, all over the bed & floor, what a mess.... Kind of killed the mood as well.
Escort from Brisbane
Sensitive Ears...Arrived at an outcall to be met outside at the bottom of the stairs to the house by my punter. He told me we would need to be very very quiet as his wife was upstairs sleeping...why I didn't leave right there and then I don't know...Anyway upstairs we went and the punter had made a bed up on the sofa bed in the lounge. It was not long before we got down to the deed. The most sensitive part of my body was my ear's as I could hear the wife deep breathing next door as she sleep, if the breathing pattern was to change I was going to make a run for it....The whole time I was thinking about what would happen if the wife woke up, would it be a knife in the back of my neck!!!!!
Escort from Brisbane

Funny, I had a client who requested a golden shower, he would email me on serval occassions to confirm the day and time.
The booking didnt ever eventuate.
Then I had a reg book me a few days later, was going through the usual process of the booking and finally came to the climax when my cat lady marmalade walked in jumped up on the bed and started to scratch around the pillows where my head was......and I'm thinking what the ***k is that cat doing? only when my client had left that I went over and dicovered she had pissed on the bed! I was so angry, but at the same time could not stop laughing!
I will have to offer that in my services from now on! Is that legal in Queensland heehee?
Escort from Brisbane
After meeting my client at his front door, I was astounded to see as he smiled that every tooth in his mouth was black rotten..In we went to take a seat on the sofa and have a bit of a chat about what we were going to get up too, he was an adventurous man and it was a fun booking, but I was just mesmerised by the black teeth, I could not help but just stare at then with amazement. It was about 10mins later that I looked down and realised he was wearing a little denim miniskirt, underneath I found a very pretty pair of pink panties, he had a full make up kit so part of the booking was to help him apply his makeup....This guy works in a factory and he goes off to work in his overalls with his pink panties underneath every day.
Name withheld from United Kingdom
I’m sure I’m not the only person who hides such a guilty secret, and I’m equally sure that anyone in my position would guard it as ferociously as I do.

Once, sometimes twice, a month I meet up with Justin, a 36-year-old divorcé. We go out for a meal and maybe to a club before spending the night in a hotel. I am a divorced mum and work part time to spend as much time as I can with my four children. Justin also has four children. But what differentiates our dates from the norm is that I pay for Justin’s company, including having sex with him.
Escort from Sydney Australia
I ended up being the last person in the office one afternoon and before I logged off I decided to order myself a new vibrator. I found a sex store online and began browsing through the vibrators. I began getting a little horny, god anything makes me horny these days. Maybe its all the sex I get when I work at night. They say the more you have the more you want.

Knowing I was the only one in the office and everyone else had left, I decided to make myself cum...........I feel so naughty when doing something where I can get caught.

Part-time escort/receptionist
Escort from Brisbane

I recently did a tour to Sydney and saw a new client who was young and good looking!
He went down to pussy town, and then to my suprise he went DOWN to brown town aswell! I didnt kiss him after that(he obviously wanted to get down and dirty, he was a landscaper by trade, I personally find it quite gross!)
Punter from Canberra
I have a fetish fantasy to discpline a petite girl in the traditional schoolgirl punishment sytle.

I went to a BDSM studio once and saw a fantastic one. Haven't been able to find anyone suitable since. Would love to know if there's anyone else out there for me to see. My only requirement is that she's petite and toned and love to be disciplined.
As I sit down over a coffee and look over my days requests...have a little chuckle over this one hehee but it sounds like fun.

Its all about panties, you would pretend to be my sisters friend and catch me playing with your panties... then dress me up as a girl in your panties and bra stockings and little skirt..... and make me lick the crotch of your panties and masturbating each other.... just love the feeling of nylon and silk on my cock....a bit weird I know
but we don't always pick our own fantasies
John from Sydney
Has anyone heard of figging? Ginger on the clit?
Saw my gorgeous regular who I feel so comfortable with, I forgot the time! My 70 year old regular who I havent seen for a few months. He said that my number was disconnected heheee his way of hoping to tell me a story so that he doesnt have to confess he has been seeing someone else. Dont know why he lied. Funny how a married man can feel like his playing up behind his mistresses back. JJ
A woman collapsed in a supermarket when her vibrating panties made her faint with pleasure. The kinky 33-year-old housewife was wearing a pair of battery-operated Passion Pants, bought from a sex shop, while she did her shopping, according to the British tabloid The Sun.

But she got so stimulated by the 6cm vibrating bullet in the panties that she lost consciousness. She fell and hit her head in the crowded supermarket in Swansea, Wales. Whe paramedics arrived they found her black imitation leather knickers still buzzing. They took them off before an ambulance took her to hospital.

The woman, whose identity has been kept private, suffered no long-lasting ill-effects. And as she left hospital, a paramedic gave her back the Passion Pants in a plastic bag. A spokesman for the Asda supermarket chain told The Sun: "We like to think shopping with us is exciting enough already."

Just a big thank you to the ladies, Fantasy can come true. Special thanks to 4 ladies in particular, big boys love it too. I have become a serial JOHN but can't get enough of all the lovely girls.
So thanks to you all for some of us truly appreciate your service!!
My first touch of another woman was at first confusing yet I cannot rid myself of the glow of that exciting experience. I was asked to meet with a mature lady as she longed for the touch of a woman in her straight monogamous relationship. Id until then always taken to men not women but was intrigued and said yes.

I was anxious about our meeting, how she would look, what would she expect... What does one wear ? Nervous but none the less, I found myself knocking at the door. Wow it was a nice surprise….a pretty, very sophisticated friendly woman invited me in.
We sat close and had small chat over a champagne. It was not her first time…… My mind was spinning I felt weak at the knees, would I know what to do.
It seemed to come naturally, we started seducing each other first with soft touches. The sensations through my body when I kissed her soft lips, I will never forget. I wanted her, I leaned forward and moved my hand up her slinky dress and placed it on her bare thigh. Her hands roamed my body tracing my contours. My panties were drenched and in moments we were naked. She had such silky soft skin, perfectly shaped breasts and curvaceous hips.
Our bodies came together……….she was very much the teacher that night. Never had my entire body tingled so. I will always savour the tenderness, the taste and aroma……sweet passion of her.
Escort from Australia
Ladies check your nickers out before you put them on.....I have a client who has a pantie fetish. He likes me to masterbate him whilst he smells the gusset of his wifes panties. Just before he cums hecome warns me and he places his wifes nickers over his huge member and fills them up. Great - no cleanup required.
Thanks for a great night girls.
Had a blast will be back again when Im back from London.
Alex the Italian Stallion

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I was bent over with my legs wide apart at the enterance of the doorway wearing nothing but a black g-string and boots. I always loved obeying my master. My nipples tingling with the excitement.

The thought of him sitting behind me with his hard cock held down by the towel wrapped so tightly around him. Knowing that he was pushing his cock up and down on the towel getting harder, getting off watching me hold that position.

Lean over more he said. I want to arch your back and tell me IM YOUR MASTER. I begged to move to touch myself. Please Master Please let me touch myself. Im a dirty slut, whore and I want to touch myself. PLEASE

My juices were dripping ofF the crouch of my pants, hot and wanting to finger fuck myself I screamed PLEASE MASTER! Allowed to put slide my fingers into my cunt I peeled back my g-string and thrusted them deep inside......panting and loving to please I was given permission to turn around to see my Masters hard cock. THANKYOU I SAID

His hard cock was throbbing and I wanted to peel back the towel to grab it, jerk it, lick it, suck it.

My fingers still deep inside, wet and dripping down the crack of my arse was told to suck. Wet sloppy sucking noises as I sucked knowing that he loved hearing me making those noises I sucked harder and begged to sit on his cock PLEASE MASTER I WANT TO SIT ON YOUR COCK.

IM A DIRTY SLUT WHORE AND I WANT TO FUCK YOU AND PLEASE YOU. Throbbing and not being able to bear it anymore I SCREAMED I WANT TO CUM LET ME CUM. Finger fucking myself harder and harder, sucking harder and harder. Loving his cock fucking my face OH OH OH YES YES cum squishing out of me MY MASTER CAME all over my big breasts groaning and loving it.
Punter from Canberra
Not long ago I visited a Canberra Bordello to see if there was any talent availaible. To my delight 4 very attractive escorts presented themselves in the waiting area. They left the room while I decided who I would see.. To my suprise, a girl I'd had my eye on for a while, and I'd been good friends with for a couple of years, barged in to the room and screamed at me 'Brett! What the hell are you doing here?' response was 'Steph! what are YOU doing here?'..we were as embaressed about the situation as each other...Her response was 'well Brett, you're going to f*ck a bisexual tonight!'.. So I booked her for an hour and spent the next 4 licking her perfect little pussy.. What an exerience! When I woke up the next day, i thought that I'd either had a darn good dream, or something the night before had been unbelievable! When i spoke to Steph next she told me how much fun she had had, and she was disappointed we hadn't been getting up to mischief since we met. Even though Steph is now completely Lesbian, we're still great mates....and we still get together from time-to-time to create a punani tsunami! Great night!
Jennifer Hawkins was running late. She had quickly got dressed in a sexy lose flowing dress that plunged down to her belly – showing enough of her brilliant cleavage but not enough to show everything. She was running late for an important meeting with some Chinese executives that were looking for ‘Miss Universe’ to head an add campaign for their new airline. Jennifer’s agent had told her that if she was to get the job – the Chinese execs would be investing millions on her to head the world wide add campaign. The agent had told Jennifer to wine and dine them and be very willing to show how much she wanted this job as it would propel her onto the world stage again.
Jennifer called the front desk of the hotel and informed the clerk she needed a taxi to take her to Little China Town. The clerk rang back and told her the taxi was waiting out the front when she was ready. Jennifer said she would be down in a minute. Jennifer hopped into the taxi and instantly the driver recognized her but didn’t say anything to her. Jennifer politely told the African driver that she wanted to go to Little China Town and the restaurant. The driver knew where the restaurant was and said it should lake about 20 minutes depending on traffic – Jennifer was already running late and told the driver she would pay him double if he could get her their quickly. Jennifer couldn’t help but think the taxi driver was looking at her the whole trip in his rear vision mirror. She wondered if he was looking at her cleavage – in her haste Jennifer had forgotten to put on any underwear – not that she would have put a bra on anyway with this dress but she also didn’t like showing a knickers line through her dress. The driver was in his 50’s and the site of a beautiful young thing like Jennifer Hawkins in his taxi turned him on. He wondered what would happen if he took the next right turn down the alley way and had his way with her in the back seat of his taxi. He was getting hard at the thought and knew that Jennifer couldn’t see how hard he was from the back seat. He thought better and knew that it wasn’t the right thing to do.
The taxi had arrived a few meters away from the restaurant just of the street – so as not to hinder traffic. The taxi driver read the meter and told her it would be $43.00. Jennifer then realized that in her rush she had not brought any money with her. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t run, the taxi driver would catch her and imagine the media if they found out. She decided to tell the taxi driver she had no money. The taxi driver turned in his seat, to face Jennifer and said ‘Well you know what that means’. Jennifer had no clue what he was talking about. He reached over the seat and slid hid hand inside Jennifer’s dress to grope one of her tits. Jennifer was shocked and didn’t know what to do. The taxi driver continued to play with her tit, pinch her nipple making it hard and lick his lips like he wanted to taste her hard nipples. Jennifer shocked moved his hand and said what do you think you’re doing?

“If you don’t have any money to pay for the service, you’ll have to pay it another way, Miss Universe”, said the taxi driver. Jennifer had to quickly think of what her options were. She was already running late, she had no money to pay the taxi driver and the last thing she wanted was the media to get a hold of this story, they would have a field day. She had no other option. Jennifer said to the taxi driver ‘What do you want me to do?”. The taxi driver instantly grew hard – the thought of having ‘Miss Universe’ willing to do what ever he wanted really turned him on. The taxi driver said “Your going to come into the front seat – I’m going to pull my cock out and your going to suck-it until I come – the sooner I come the quicker you can go – considering your in a rush”. Jennifer never thought an episode like this would ever happen – that she was being bribed for a head-job and there was no way out of it. Jennifer hoped into the passengers’ front seat. The taxi driver was obviously aroused by the bulge in his pants as she looked down at his groin. The taxi driver took his cock out and Jennifer couldn’t believe how thick it was….she had seen a few cocks before but nothing as thick as this. The taxi driver grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down to his cock. The smell that came from his dick was disgusting and Jennifer couldn’t believe how off it was – as if he hadn’t had a shower for days – it was a combination of piss, sweat and shit. She nearly spewed at the thought of having his cock inside her mouth. The taxi driver said ‘It smells really good, doesn’t it, wait till you taste it’. She had no choice – she opened her mouth and took his cock inside it. Her mouth had to open up wide to get the full width. The taxi driver could feel the moisture of Jennifer’s mouth on his nob – it was so warm and smooth. Her lips wrapped the shaft of his cock – as she went up and down on his member. The smell was constantly on Jennifer’s mind – but she knew the quicker I can make him come the better. After about 5 minutes of her taking his thick cock in her mouth – the taxi driver says ‘you know what will make me come even quick – if I can stick my finger in your arsehole – it really turns me on’. Jennifer knew this wasn’t part of the deal – but again had no choice – she lifted up her skirt and let him pull her panties to one side – exposing her pussy and arse to anyone that would walk past and see through the window……the taxi driver with one hand on Jennifer’s head and the other on her arse started to moan in ecstasy and his hand made it’s way to Jennifer’s arsehole…the taxi driver played a little with the outside of her arsehole and then licked his finger only to then stick his middle finger all the way inside Jennifer’s tight hole…..instantly the taxi driver blew his load inside her mouth and she struggled for breathe having his thick member and a load of cum down her thought….the taxi driver moaned even louder when he heard Jennifer swallow his load….Jennifer felt disgusted and abused…the taxi driver felt like that was the highlight of his non-existent life and all for $43.00.

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