Nickolas - Sydney Erotic Male

Nickolas - Sydney Erotic Male
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Hi there, my name is Nickolas and Iím here to introduce you to the wonderful world of sensual pleasure through touch and exploration.

To give you an idea of some history and knowledge of this field, Iíll just go over some of the more mundane stuff here.

Well, mundane for some, but information that many of you will find reassuring and ideally instil a sense of quite optimism as you move forward towards having your sessions.

I hold a Diploma in Massage Therapy and am accredited at a leading association for Natural Therapies in Australia. Erotic Massage however is not covered by these bodies, sad to say, so this is an area that allows those clients I do have, to explore their other more serious, or play side of life.

Not to mention becoming more attuned with their own bodies.Loving what you do for clients is of the utmost importance.

Not only in any normal massage, but especially so in the area of Erotic Massage, particularly for those just venturing into the area and want to explore their inner self.

My tutor in the art of Erotic Massage is perhaps one of the most sought after specialists in his field, with over 25 yrs of hands on experience with both men and women around sexuality, dealing in everything from personal pleasure, to believed inabilities, perceived dysfunctionís, and heightened levels of sexual intimacy and sexual coaching for both women, men and couples (gay or straight). Itís with his coaching that has moved me to go forward in this field as well.



International high class model companion