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Escorts-of-australia.com is proudly Australian owned.

We appreciate your patience while we implement some important changes.

With more than thirteen years of experience within the sex industry and the corporate world we have a wealth of expertise and experience at their disposal to assist you in marketing your business and linking you with your clients.

Our objective is to provide an up to date directory of quality escorts throughout Australia and internationally. We aim to provide affordable advertising and information about all things pertaining to the industry that makes the world go round, the sex industry.

Please feel free to contact us at any time we welcome your feedback and look forward to assisting your businesses to skyrocket.

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We are not an Escort Agency and do not directly provide any Escort services. We are simply a mode of service to help you connect to Escorts and Adult Services.

Our goal is simply to provide in a user-friendly environment the anonymous means for punters to connect with escorts and adult related businesses. We will not be held responsible for any actions taken by any Escort or Business and/or Client as we do not own or control them in any way.